Is an art historian and free-lance curator.

His studies cover a wide range of conceptual and relational fields. He has conducted research on the application of new technologies to art and cultural heritage information management.
Since 2004 he has been working in cooperation with the Gallarate Civica Galleria d'Arte Moderna Education Department as a supervisor for their exhibitions, including "The Group Show"; "Visibile-Invisibile. Bianco-Valente. Opere video e ambienti."; "Le Trame di Penelope", and, in the framework of the 23rd edition of the Gallarate National Visual Arts Award, "Terzo Paesaggio. Fotografia Italiana Oggi". He has also curated workshops in cooperation with several artists, namely Enrica Borghi, Pierluigi Calignano, Alice Cattaneo, Giovanni Ferrario, Name Diffusion, Giancarlo Norese, Steve Piccolo.

He has worked with TWISTER - Rete Musei Lombardia per l'Arte Contemporanea.

He was the initiator, together with Ermanno Cristini, of the Roaming project, which gave him the opportunity to curate exhibitions at such locations as Assab One, Milano(I); Museé d'Art Et Histoire de Saint Denis, Paris(F); Manifesta 7 The Rest Of Now —Tabula Rasa, Ex —Alumix, Bolzano(I); La Rada Arte Contemporanea, Locarno (CH); Stazione Rogers, Trieste(I),; 91mQ, Berlin (D); NeonCampobase, Bologna(I); MGNG, Nova Gorica (SLO); Condotto C, Roma (I); Vyšehradská 26, Prague (CZ); CeSAC-Filatoio, Caraglio (I); Forum Stadtpark, Graz (A).

As a critic, he has contributed to a number of projects including Microcollection, which he has curated together with artist Elisa Bollazzi

From 2009 is the curator and the project manager of Little Constellation, , an international network on contemporary art aiming to organize and promote projects with a specific focus on the current research activity in the small states of europe: andorra, cyprus, iceland, liechtenstein, luxembourg, malta, monaco, montenegro, san marino, and in a few european geocultural micro-areas including canton ticino (ch), ceuta (e), gibraltar (uk), kaliningrad (rus).

His publications include Le Collezioni del Museo MAGA, Electa, 2010, Fuori Registro,NLF 2010; Il resto del tempo. Pratiche di abbandono e lontananza, NLF, 2009; Se resterà  qualcosa, oltre al segreto, Edizioni il Filo, Rome, 2008; Il Museo Microcollection, 2008; Unaspected developments in relational art, New York Arts Magazine,NYC, 2007.