SOMEWHERE. SOMEHOW. Precariousness as pure condition

E' online un apposito progetto di ROAMING per la rivista /second, curata da Derek Horton, Peter Lewis, e Graham Hibbert.
Il progetto, "Somewhere Somehow", a cura di Alessandro Castiglioni ed Ermanno Cristini, sviluppa il tema della precarietà  attraverso le immagini appositamente realizzate da 9 artisti: Kristine Alksne (Riga); Marcus Bollingmo (Parigi); Kristina Braein (Oslo); Ermanno Cristini (Varese); Al Fadhil (Berlino); Julia Krahn (Berlino); Andrea Nacciarriti (Senigallia); Daniel Rothbart (New York); Luca Scarabelli (Milano).


Attach the card
to the room and / or object
you wish to transform

Yoko Ono
The Other Rooms, 2009

This selection of works and artists is related with a research project of contemporary art born in Milan last year: ROAMING.

Roaming - - based upon an idea by Ermanno Cristini, consists of a series of exhibitions, curated by Alessandro Castiglioni, that last only the time of their inauguration. Like flashes surviving in the photographer's finger, then floating in the indistinct dimension of the web.

In this breakaway, the will of the art work clashes with its destiny; but maybe this is the only way for this will to be accomplished, unveiling the ultra-subtleness which is nowadays all the more a necessity of the art work: "! something that isn't caught with the sight, but with the gaze, with the attention, with the mind (!), the paper's hollowness between the two faces of a subtle sheet". (Elio Grazioli, Una differenza ultrasottile, in Passeggiata Minima, Giovanni Ferrario, UTET 2008).

This fragility, this shift, this alteration of reality are pure conditions, the device of Roaming.

Working on this elements, as parts of a more complex point of view on our everyday life, we asked to a group of artists, that have already collaborated with Roaming, to send us a photo of a simple object, or an artwork (or both) taken in a particular moment, in a temporary and precarious condition. This photos, coming from all over the world (Milan, Paris, Berlin, New York, Oslo...) narrate different stories, micro universes where every part has his own position and reason. Maybe precariousness consist of this system of communication made of fragile and fragmented elements, able to evoke more than describe; as Ian Wilson said "I present communication as an object. I've freed art from a specific place. It is possible for everyone. I'm diametrically opposed to the precious object. My art is not visual but visualized" (Tony Godfrey, Conceptual Art, PHAIDON, 1998).