Figure III

Alban Muja

03 12 2011
Teatro Margherita, Bari

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R-Roaming Lucia Leuci
What’s In A Name? (Work in progress), 2011, workshop/video project

What’s In A Name? (Work in progress), 2011, workshop/video project
"What do we know about our names and names of others? What levels of meaning do names have for us? The Project/workshop What’s in a Name is an effort to investigate these questions.

For the occasion of Roaming, the project took the form of a audio recorded experiment where, seated in a circle, random people coming to visit the exhibition spoke about their name: the origin of their name, the reason why they are called that, and any relation with the name to the rest of participants. The audience reacted with immense enthusiasm; the double psychological effect of egoistic protagonism couple with the altruistic sharing of information started became the main focus of the experiment
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